Ryan Adams Dragged His Marriage To Mandy Moore On Twitter

Ryan Adams sure found a way to look a mess: making Twitter “jokes” about his marriage to America’s current television sweetheart, Mandy Moore. The two were married for six-ish years before deciding to get divorced back in 2015 and things seemed to be only slightly contentious when she wanted some spousal support for her and their pets. It’s been pretty radio silent from them ever since and they seemed to be divorced just fine… until now.

People is reporting that for the last couple of days, Ryan has been all over Twitter commenting on Perez Hilton’s coverage of Mandy Moore talking about her failed marriage to Glamour. In the magazine she said:

“I don’t feel guilty for [the divorce]. I don’t fault myself for it… When people said, ‘I’m sorry,’ I was like, ‘No. Sorry would have been had I stayed in a very unhealthy situation.’ I didn’t. I found my way out. And when I did, things opened back up again.”

Mandy also said she “didn’t choose the right person,” and I guess Ryan was not happy about that, and decided to add his own valuable two cents on the topic. Ryan has since deleted all of his Tweets, but as you know: on the Internet everything lives forever (in my head we all said that sentence together).

First he tweeted this:

And then this:

Apparently, Ryan and Mandy’s wedding was A Walk To Be Blackout For. Which I think is more romantic.

Ryan didn’t stop there, though. He then compared being with Mandy to a “soggy piece of cardboard”:

I’m not really understanding what he’s saying here. Does he mean the Net-A-Porter like the online designer retailer? Was Mandy a shopaholic? These indie rockers… I swear their disses only make sense to hipsters.

Oh you thought Ryan was finished? No girl, we got one more. When someone pointed out that all of this Mandy-bashing was hypocritical and that “75% of your love songs” were about her, Ryan shot back with what is probably the classiest tweet:

What a great guy, this is really going to look good for him and he won’t have to delete these tweets and apologize later. (LOL)

Here’s Ryan’s apology which is not deleted:

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