Ruth Langsford ‘disappointed’ after quest to lose weight didn’t work amid menopause change

Ruth Langsford says husband Eamonn makes her feel ‘sexy’

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Ruth Langsford, 61, is much-beloved as one of the hosts of Loose Women on ITV, as well as previously fronting This Morning. However, the star has candidly opened up about her fitness battle as she shared her plans to get fitter.

Ruth has been posting since the end of last year about her quest to get out and running more.

The star took on the Couch to 5K challenge and brought her Instagram followers with her.

However, Ruth has admitted she’s since been left disappointed with her progress.

She opened up about her fitness journey with her former ITV colleague Jenni Falconer back in December.

Appearing on Jenni’s podcast RunPod, Ruth shared the highs and lows of running.

The star admitted that after she finished her programme, she hasn’t been back running since.

The Loose Women host admitted this had left her feeling “disappointed”.

She candidly shared: “I am a bit disappointed with myself because I put so much effort into the Couch to 5K – and it’s hard!

“I found it really hard but it’s such a fantastic feeling when you start off and you’re just running for one minute, and you think, ‘I can’t do this.’

“Suddenly you’re doing 20 and you forget that four or five weeks ago you would have struggled to run for three minutes.

“That feeling of achievement and pride in yourself, that smugness.”

Ruth went on to share how when she was training she was also disappointed to have not lost any weight.

The This Morning former host shared how that had been one of the main reasons she had started her health kick.

She added: “It helped everything in my life, I felt fitter.

“I didn’t lose a single pound disappointingly and if I’m absolutely honest I don’t get obsessed with weight.

“But being a menopausal woman, the pounds have piled on a bit.

“That was another reason I decided to run because I need to do cardio but no, I didn’t lose weight.”

Elsewhere, Ruth opened up this week about how her husband Eamonn Holmes makes her “feel sexy”.

Appearing on Monday’s Loose Women, the star was discussing feeling sexy as she gets older.

Asked by her co-star Coleen Nolan if she feels sexy, Ruth admitted: “Not all the time.

“I think if you have a partner that makes you feel sexy.

“Eamonn’s always very complimentary, even though I’m bigger than I was and I don’t always feel great about my body but he’ll always be very complimentary.”

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