Russian Invasion Triggers Mass Exodus in Ukraine, Video Shows Residential Bombing

The assault on Ukraine has sent thousands of Ukrainians running for cover and fleeing as bombs drop on innocent civilians.

As you know by now, Russia has brazenly attacked Ukraine from all angles, and its citizens — who up till now were shockingly calm — are now dealing with an impossible situation. Try to survive the attack, or get out.

The video (above) is shocking … a Russian fighter jet buzzes a home in Ukraine and drops a bomb either right near or on a house. You hear children wailing in fear inside the building.

Traffic is snarled in what looks like a never-ending line of cars as people flee Kyiv.

And, the train station has become a bomb shelter … jam-packed with hundreds of people huddled together. Look at the faces, the families and the fear.

The questions now … how far will Putin go? And, how much will the Ukrainians fight to preserve their homeland? Putin has brazenly lied about his act of war, suggesting Ukraine has some sort of Nazi influence. It’s a ridiculous statement … the President of Ukraine is Jewish, and the only aggressor here is Russia.

And predictably … Donald Trump is praising the brutal dictator, calling his acts of aggression “genius.”

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