Roseanne Barr Is Pretty Salty About The Way She Was Killed Off "The Conners" Last Night

The Conners premiered last night and as expected, they wasted no time in killing off Roseanne.Also as expected, the writers killed her off with an opioid overdose. Roseanne knew this day was coming, but she sure as hell isn’t happy about the way her character went out.

Last night’s episode opened with Roseanne’s death. Originally Dan, Aunt Jackie, and the rest thought she died from a heart attack, but it was revealed by a coroner friend of Jackie’s that her actual cause of death was from opioids. Becky then revealed that she found some pills in Roseanne’s closet, which were opioids prescribed to a woman named Marcy (played by Mary Steenburgen). Becky then joked, “Damn, that’s the only thing from mom’s closet that I wanted.” We also got a Roseanne-less opening.

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