Roger Federer: ‘Difficult to say’ Wimbledon 2019 star in marriage revelation amid final

Wimbledon 2019 finalist Roger Federer, 37, has been married to Mirka Federer, 41, since 2009.

Speaking ahead of his match today, Roger said despite his wife being a former tennis player, the pair do not talk about the sport.

He said to reporters: “It is difficult to say that I don’t talk to Mirka about tennis.

“We have other things to talk about but I feel it during matches because I know her voice.”

Speaking to reporters, Roger went on to praise his spouse for her continuous support.

“I am glad Mirka is around, nothing would happen without her,” he continued.

Roger went on to discuss his highly-anticipated match against Novak, adding: “A final is a final. Novak has played amazingly this year and last.

“I need to perform at a high level.”

Earlier this week, Roger’s wife Mirka celebrated as he beat Rafael Nadal, 33, to the Wimbledon final.

Roger won 7-6 (7-3) 1-6 6-3 6-4 against Rafael in their first meeting at Wimbledon since the 2008 final.

Watching from the stands, Mirka was seen hugging family and friends in the box as they celebrated Roger’s win.

Ahead of the final result, Roger’s spouse appeared anxious with her hands over her mouth as the intense match took place.

Roger and Mirka married back in 2009 after meeting at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where they were both competing for Switzerland.

In the same year, Mirka gave birth to identical twins named Myla and Charlene Federer.

Five years ago, the couple had a another pair of identical twins, this time boys, named Lenny and Leo Federer.

Elsewhere, Roger will take on Novak in the Men’s Singles Final today.

Earlier this week Novak said he “knows what to expect” from Roger when quizzed by reporters.

He said: “Federer, you know, we all know how good he is anywhere, but especially here.

“This surface complements his game very much. He loves to play very fast. Takes away the time from his opponent.

“Just doesn’t give you any same looks. He just rushes you to everything.”

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