Rita Ora Stuns Her Fans As She Dresses Up In A Studded Black Shirt

Singer Rita Ora not only has a magical voice and great personality, but she has the ability to look good in everything she wears. The 27-year-old star is well-known for wearing very racy and exposing outfits, but she has proved that she doesn’t necessarily have to shed her clothes in order to look sexy.

This is exactly what she has shown in her latest Instagram pictures, where she wore a beautiful black diamond-studded zip-up shirt that perfectly complimented her persona of being a star.

She wore a side-parting and let her blonde hair down. And as for her makeup, Rita wore a jam-colored lipstick that made her look absolutely stunning. She completed her look with some bronze eyeshadow and lots of mascara to make her eyelashes prominent.

“When you got something up your sleeve,” she wrote in the caption and posted a devil emoji, which left her fans and followers wondering what is Rita up to.

Within an hour, the picture attracted close to 80,000 likes and 400 comments and fans complimented Rita on her versatile fashion sense.

“U r so pretty Rita! I have loved watching u at different places this year,” one fan wrote on the picture. “[sic] You’re the definition of perfect,” another fan commented. A fan, who had recently watched Rita on British TV show Celebrity Juice, commented on the picture and said that he has never seen a more humble artist before.

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When you got something up your sleeve…????

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“What a wonderful down to earth person u are, u were amazing on celebrity juice,” he wrote.

Rita’s appearance on the show made quite a few headlines as she dropped a masturbation joke, per the Daily Star. During the show, Eastenders star Richard Blackwood revealed that he had a “toilet roll on his bedside table and a mirror next to his bed.”

Rita immediately decided to pull his leg and asked if he also keeps a bottle of moisturizing cream on his bedside, sending the audience in gales of laughter.

The same show made more headlines as one of the guests on the show — presenter-turned-model Alexa Chung — played a saucy game with Rita Ora and both the celebs touched tongues while lifting up a Party Ring biscuit together — using only their tongues, per a separate article by the Sun.

The show host, Keith Lemon, also quizzed the singer about her mom’s disapproval of her sexy photoshoots.

“Is it true that your mam says you have to put your clothes on as she’s sick of seeing you all naked all the time in these pictures?” Keith asked. In response, Rita said that her mom keeps asking her if she’s ever going to learn, but added that it’s too late now.

Keith then commented that it’s part of the business to do sexy photoshoots, saying that “sexiness sells.”

But Rita was all prepared to answer the question and said something meaningful in reply that would give a shut-up call to anyone who criticizes her on wearing raunchy clothes.

“Well it’s not that, I don’t do it just to sell, I do it because it makes me feel liberated, it makes me feel free and why the hell not, because it’s my body.”

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