Richard Madeley signs autographs for fans – after being slammed by GMB viewers

Richard Madeley was spotted signing autograph for fans after being slammed by GMB viewers for being "rude" to Scarlett Moffatt on the show.

The Good Morning Britain host, 65, was spotted out in Manchester after his latest appearance on the show, where he dressed casually in a pair of jeans, a crisp white t-shirt and a khaki jacket.

The star smiled as he was seen carrying a holdall bag and a suit carrier bag draped over one arm, as he signed autographs for some excited fans who seemed thrilled to meet the former I'm A Celebrity star.

It comes after the star was criticised by GMB viewers after the way he spoke to former Gogglebox star Scarlett when she appeared on the show.

Scarlett spoke to Richard and Kate Garraway on Wednesday morning's about how she'd failed her driving test 13 times, before Richard began quiz her on road signs as she prepared for her 14th (and hopefully final) attempt.

The former Gogglebox star and TV host has been struggling to get her driving license after failing a whopping 13 tests in the car, despite recently signing on to do a new BBC driving show.

"Why do you keep failing? 13 is a heck of a lot of failures," Richard asked bluntly.

"Yeah it is isn't it," 31 year old Scarlett, who had appeared on the daytime programme to discuss her latest programme Pilgrimage, agreed, before giggling: "I don't know, if I knew that I'd probably pass Richard!"

"This is a good question, what speed can you go up to when there is a 30 mile an hour speed limit?" Richard asked.

As the host snorted with laughter in the background at the star's pause, Scarlett finally realised it wasn't a trick question as she answered: "30 miles an hour."

"Yay! That was a hard one, you're getting them now," Richard joked. "Let's do this, what does this symbol mean [a road sign was displayed on the screen showing a flag waving in the wind], you're driving up the road and you see this symbol? What does it mean?"

"Side winds!" Scarlett declared as she whooped with delight to get the question right.

Spotting the next sign, which showed curved bumps, the reality TV star was initially taken-aback.

"Oh that looks a bit provocative!" she chuckled. "I think it's humps in the road."

"It means uneven road, yeah I think you'd get a mark for that. One more quickly," Richard continued.

"And the last one, super quickly, what does this mean?" Kate then asked, as a sign showing what appeared to be a fence appeared on-screen.

Showing her prowess in road signs and proving she could be ready to pass her test once and for all, the I'm A Celebrity presenter answered promptly: "Level crossing do not pass."

"Excellent. Two out of three I think that's a pass!" Richard praised.

However, some viewers were not impressed with Scarlett being quizzed ahead of taking her test again.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Does Richard Madeley enjoy being rude and condescending to people? Poor Scarlett Moffat!!”

Another person watching said: “I'm no Scarlett Moffatt fan BUT they are actively taking the p*** out of her on national TV for failing her driving test 13 times….. How about the other people who have failed, hardly filling them with confidence!!!”

A third commented: "Madely laughing at Scarlett s failures and he lost on the Chase and only lasted 5 minutes in the celebrity jungle #GMB."

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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