Report: Pete Davidson Will Keep the Ring, But Ariana Grande Gets the Pig

TMZ reports more details today on the sad winding down of Ariana Grande’s engagement with Pete Davidson. Sources told TMZ that Ariana Grande has already given back her engagement ring to Pete. The custom platinum ring with reported 3.03 carat diamond was estimated to have cost Pete around $100,000.

That’s not much of a give-back on Ariana’s part, if as reports suggest, she was the one initiating the breakup. Engagement rings in the United States by law must be returned if the person who has received the ring breaks off the engagement.

On the other hand, Ariana will apparently retain sole custody of the couple’s pig, Piggy Smallz, since she reportedly was the one who purchased the mini piglet. That said, interviewed an official at the American Mini Pig Association who reminds folks that, “Break ups can be devastating for a pig.” So Piggy Smallz seems like one more innocent that could be impacted by the engagement’s end.

It also seems likely that Ariana will retain ownership and control over her new luxury apartment in Manhattan. But there has still been no word on whether or not Ariana has returned one final priceless token of Pete’s affection – the badge that Pete’s father, an FDNY officer killed in one of the Twin Towers attempting to save lives on 9/11, left to him after his passing, and which Pete gave to Ariana.

There are further reports that Ariana is just trying to move forward and get on with things. However, Pete is devastated, and besides deleting his Instagram account last Sunday as news broke, also has been cancelling previously scheduled appearances this week. It will be interesting to see how he handles the news during his appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, if he makes the show.

In the past, Pete has made headlines during his recurring role on SNL‘s recurring “Weekend Update” segment for his unfiltered comments about his relationship with Ariana. Only time will tell if the topic is one that he chooses to discuss on this week’s upcoming show.

We have a short update on the shared property in the TMZ video below.

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