‘Recipe for disaster’ Piers Morgan says Boris Johnson talked Trump out of first interview

Piers Morgan to hold 'explosive' interview with Donald Trump

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Piers Morgan says his upcoming interview with Donald Trump on TalkTV was not the first time he planned to speak to  the former US President. Piers claimed he had an interview arranged with Trump in 2020, but Boris Johnson persuaded the politician to call it off. 

Speaking to Chris Evans on his Virgin Radio show, Piers recalled: “I began to be very critical of [Trump] in the pandemic, when he started doing those crazy press conferences on the podium at the White House, offering these theories about injecting yourself with bleach.

“I wrote a stinging column for the Mail at the time saying this is crazy stuff and you’ve got to stop, and he unfollowed me on Twitter, which was quite a big moment.

“He only followed about 50 accounts at the time, some of which were his family and I was the only Brit. 

“I didn’t hear from him again until a week before the election, and he called me out of the blue. 

“I had a message saying, ‘This is the White House switchboard, are you available for a call from the President of the United States?’

“And I said, ‘No, call back tomorrow – I’m watching the football!’

“No, I said of course, put him through, and we had a very civilised conversation.”

Piers continued: “He said, ‘I know why you’ve been whacking me all year,’ which I had done, and I said, ‘Why do you think it is?’

“He’d cancelled my last interview at the last second, he’d come into Stansted, he had a two-day G7 thing.

“It turned out the real story was that Boris Johnson had heard I was doing it with Trump, and got Trump to pull the interview, and Trump confirmed that.”

Chris asked: “Why would he do that?”

Piers replied: “Because it was a few days before the UK election, and he felt this was a potential recipe for disaster for him in some way.

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“I would get Trump to do or say something that would be problematic for his election chances. 

“So Boris Johnson, who remember, ran into a fridge to hide from me on Good Morning Britain, actually got the President of the United States to can an interview with me.

“Trump had computed all my criticism of him following that, as revenge on him for cancelling the interview, which has nothing to do with it!”

Piers was referring to the infamous moment Mr Johnson retreated into a walk-in fridge while being hounded by Good Morning Britain camera operators in December 2019. 

Tonight, the former GMB host will air his explosive interview with Trump on his new TalkTV show, Piers Morgan Uncensored. 

Preview clips indicate Trump lost his temper during their chat and almost called the whole thing off ahead of time after being shown a compilation of all the worst things Piers had ever written about him. 

“I’d never seen him so livid or felt so uncomfortable in his presence as I did right now in his office,” Piers wrote in The Sun. 

“He was almost foaming at the mouth and kept shaking his head slowly and menacingly at me, like Don Corleone when he felt he’d been disrespected.”

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