Rami Malek Just Responded to a Kinda Cringey Viral Video of Himself Denying a Fan

Let me catch you up, because a lot has happened in the world of Rami Malek in the past few days. First, he’s in that new movie about Queen called Bohemian Rhapsody and that’s pretty cool. Second, on October 29 a fan tried to have him shout out to her friends, and he was all like, can I not though? And then she posted that cringey moment on Twitter and it blew up. Here it is, for your records:


I’m dying a little inside for both of them, TBH. If either of you need a hug, I’m here.

People on Twitter created some Rami-inspired memes, as they are wont to do. They’re all pretty funny, btw.

Everytime Rami Malek sees a fan recording him: pic.twitter.com/6GGmNsEYLU

rami malek when a fan asks for a video pic.twitter.com/nMMqeyXJ7u

rami malek when he sees a fan recording instead of just taking a picture pic.twitter.com/W85EnKSLuC

Last night, Rami said he’s seen the video and he didn’t think it was that bad! Here are his full thoughts on the matter via an interview with Vanity Fair:

The takeaway Rami wants everyone to know: He’s not against fan pictures, OK? “I am happy to take photos with anyone. I just want to be aware of what people are doing in the moment,” he said. “When someone films you automatically, it’s a bit intrusive.”

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