Princess Beatrice & Edo set the date… for their big, splashy engagement party

Even before Prince Andrew’s catastrophic BBC interview, I thought it was strange that Princess Beatrice had not set a wedding date or sent out invitations. The engagement was announced on September 26th! And more than two full months later, we still don’t have a wedding date. I had the feeling that Beatrice had been told, initially, to avoid announcing the date until her father’s mess stopped making headlines. That didn’t work, and obviously Beatrice couldn’t announce the date right after her father got pushed out. Now the Daily Mail’s gossip column Talk of the Town says that Beatrice has been told that she can announce the date… after the British election. And in the meantime, Beatrice is throwing herself a fancy engagement party at a London hotspot.

It’s been more than three months since Edo Mapelli Mozzi proposed – and some unkind commentators were beginning to question whether he and Princess Beatrice were ever going to make it down the aisle. But my Palace mole has revealed the pair have finally been given Royal permission to throw an engagement party – meaning it’s all systems go for the Big Day. And despite the recent controversy that has engulfed Bea’s father, Prince Andrew, the couple have chosen to stage their bash in London’s most high-profile club. I can reveal Beatrice, 31, will host the lavish event on December 18 at the A-list hangout Chiltern Firehouse, well-known for the debauchery of some of its clients.

Andrew is said to have been invited, though he would be wise to steer clear of the banks of photographers permanently outside the Marylebone club – regulars include Tom Cruise, Madonna and Kate Moss – not to mention its famously sweaty dance floor in the ‘Ladder Shed’, a nod to the building’s heritage as a Victorian fire station. Though some friends have raised eyebrows over Beatrice’s choice of club, many were relieved to get the invitation through at all. Some feared Andrew’s downfall would delay his eldest daughter’s plans to marry.

Behind the scenes, the Queen declined to sign off on a wedding date until a week ago and is still refusing to allow an official announcement until after the Election, though Beatrice’s inner circle have been sent a ‘save the date’ reminder with their engagement party invitations.

My source says: ‘She is up against the clock if she wants to have a wedding within the six-month time frame usual for aristocratic nuptials, but everyone is so relieved things are moving. She’s been very down. A wild, glitzy, high-profile engagement party should cheer her up.’

Meanwhile, I hear that after spending Christmas apart, Beatrice and property developer Edo, 36, will reunite in the Kenyan beach resort of Lamu for New Year’s Eve.

[From The Daily Mail]

Well, that answers some questions for me, if this piece is true. Edoardo wasn’t scared off by all of the shenanigans, crimes and PR nightmares. Edo is still sticking around. Would you, if you were in his position? I would not. And if I was in either of their positions, I would not want a big, splashy engagement party either. Coming on the heels of everything that’s happened with Prince Andrew, Beatrice should not draw attention to the fact that she’s basically just a well-connected party girl with tons of celebrity friends. The optics, you know. It just feels like… this is the moment when the royal family should only be seen doing wholesome royal work.

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