Princess Andre is Katie Price’s double after first professional makeover

Princess Andre’s resemblance to mum Katie Price became ever more striking after the teenager shared the results of her first professional makeover. 

The 13-year-old revealed that she had had her hair and make-up professionally done for the first time as she posed for photos with her mother.

She told her followers: ‘JUST FOR FUN! First time I’ve had hair and make-up professionally done! I love it!’

Princess’s natural curls had been straightened to a long, sleek do similar to Katie’s as she donned perfect brows, a killer orange smoky eye and false lashes. 

Katie, 42, dubbed her ‘my little beauty queen’ as she also shared photos of Princess’s new look on Instagram, adding: ‘Me and my gorgeous mini me daughter’.

Princess and Katie have often talked about how similar they are, and Katie shared a short clip of them in matching pink jumpers pouting for the camera, which she captioned: ‘Like mother like daughter’.

The pictures received many positive comments from fans, who wrote: ‘I honestly can’t get over how gorgeous princess is!!’ and ‘Aw Katie. She is beautiful just like you’. 

Others added: ‘You look SO alike!! Both stunning’ and ‘Shes beautiful you have a gorgeous lady katie but she always was a stunning little girl cant believe how big she and junior have gotten i feel old’.

Some followers criticised Katie for letting Princess wear make-up, despite the pair making it clear it was just for fun. 

Fans defended the star, writing: ‘Why are people so triggered by a young girl having her makeup done? When I was her age I was wearing dream matte mousse foundation to school with glittery lipgloss. I would have loved to have my makeup done back then that’s what little girls love.’

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