Prince William ‘wants to remain neutral’ as Charles & Harry’s relationship thaws

Prince Charles clearly wants people to believe that he is actively trying to bury the hatchet with Prince Harry, and that they are in more frequent communication. I have some doubts, but sure, let’s go with that. What’s interesting is that IF Charles and Harry are in communication these days, it probably means that Harry and William still barely speak to each other. The current royal narrative is that William is, as ever, incandescent with rage at his younger brother, and William doesn’t miss Harry or want Harry to ever come back. William and Kate successfully exiled the Sussexes because they (the Keens) wanted the spotlight all to themselves. So now they have it. What does it mean for the Other Brother if Charles and Harry’s relationship is thawing?

Prince William is said to want to remain neutral in a feud between his dad and brother over claims made about Camilla in Harry’s imminent memoir. Charles has reportedly told aides he fears his younger son’s new book will be an “excoriating takedown” of the Duchess of Cornwall, particularly in the early years of the couple’s romance.

While Wills cares for his father deeply, he is believed to want to steer well clear of the drama.

A source told The Sun: “Charles has shared his concerns with William, and is keen he somehow goes on the record and sticks up for Camilla, should the book attack her. But as much as William loves his father, he’s unlikely to want to get involved. In all likelihood he will try and stay neutral.”

[From The Sun]

This is actually kind of interesting to me! I come at these royal stories – as I think many of us do – through the perspective of “how does Harry feel/is this bad for Harry.” When really, it’s a chess board with a lot of moving pieces. There’s a good chance that Charles is actually trying to thaw out his relationship with Harry specifically to get under William’s skin, to “check” William in some way. Charles is playing the longer game, and as we’ve seen repeatedly, William is incapable of planning for the long-term. The idea of William “staying out of it” when Charles and Harry are talking… well, it might mean that Charles is actually telling William to stay out of it.

Meanwhile, Kensington Palace announced that William would attend the opening of the new BAFTA headquarters. William is the (honorary) president of BAFTA, and his only tasks are “occasionally showing up to premieres and the BAFTAs” and he rarely even does that. So I guess it is pretty notable that he’s attending this opening.

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