Prince Charles worries that Netflix has done lasting damage to his reputation

I was just thinking the other day that come September/October, we’re going to be knee-deep in royal whines and incandescent tantrums because of The Crown’s Season 5. The royal machine will do the same thing they did for Season 4, meaning Prince Charles will blanket the friendliest and most sycophantic reporters to write woe-is-Charles pieces about how The Crown is complete fiction! And then Prince William will run around whining about how Prince Harry has a Netflix contract, which obviously means that Harry personally approves of everything on Netflix. Look, we’ve got a preview! Dan Wootton’s new column is all about how Harry is conspiring with Netflix to bring down the monarchy. This actually isn’t entirely about The Crown. It’s also about Netflix’s documentary Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, which details the decades-long friendship between Savile (a serial predator) and Prince Charles.

The bad timing: The timing couldn’t have been worse for Prince Charles and those close to the future king know it. Amid a series of damaging international headlines for the Royal Family following Prince William and Kate’s Caribbean tour and Prince Andrew’s unwelcome return to the spotlight, the heir to the throne’s once close friendship with the beastly paedophile Jimmy Savile has been dragged up for the world to devour, thanks to a major new series by Netflix. An exasperated ally of the Prince of Wales had a simple question during a downbeat call this week: ‘Why now? This has been known for years. It’s easy to think this has been timed for maximum damage.’

Charles thinks The Crown has done real damage to his image too: While they publicly dismiss the suggestion, there is deep concern that the portrayal of their boss as egotistical, callous and weak in the royal drama The Crown – a huge hit internationally – has done lasting damage to his reputation, especially among younger generations who didn’t live through the so-called War of the Waleses in real time. Royal staff are braced for the forthcoming next series to be the worst yet, as Princess Diana’s death is played out on screen.

Netflix can’t be bullied by the royals, oh no: “But the damaging Savile documentary – promoted to British newspapers solely around the disgraced BBC presenter’s friendship with Charles – comes hot on the heels of the grotesque Diana: The Musical, amid a feeling that Netflix is increasingly looking to broadcast ever more provocative content about the British Royal Family.

Revenge of the Sussexes? And then there’s the elephant in the room or, to be more accurate, a $14million mansion in Montecito, California. All these damaging Netflix shows have been scheduled since Prince Harry and Meghan joined the staff of the streaming service on a mega-money deal (rumoured to be worth $100million). While the couple get exercised about various aspects of what they consider to be unfair media coverage on a regular basis, the Sussexes have remained suspiciously silent about how Netflix has treated their own relatives. That has resulted in increasing fury behind-the-scenes at various royal palaces, as Harry’s relationship with his family continues to break down.

Royal sources are seething:
A royal source seethed: ‘Of course, there is a feeling that the Savile documentary is unfortunate and very unfair on the Prince of Wales, given everyone in authority, including the Prime Minister of the time, was taken in by him. But the biggest amount of anger is reserved for the fact Netflix is a broadcaster that now employs his son and the Sussexes don’t appear to have said a word about this. It feels like yet another betrayal.’

How dare the Sussexes!! But the awkward questions for Harry and Meghan have not gone away. How can they claim to be bastions of truth in the media when they are happy to take tens of millions from a company that seems to take a deranged glee in regularly misrepresenting their family to secure viewers? Given they were so public about their concerns regarding misinformation and Spotify, have they had similar discussions with Netflix about misinformation regarding the British Royal Family? Are they planning to make any shows for Netflix cashing in on the royal titles they refuse to give up? Perhaps Harry is quite happy to see his father’s reputation trashed, given he did his best to start the backlash against Charles during his downright delusional interview with his pal Oprah Winfrey.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’ve said this before, but if the monarchy can be brought down by 20 hours of Netflix’s prestige programming, maybe the monarchy has bigger problems? The thing about The Crown is that people understand perfectly that it is a dramatization and that some events are compressed or fictionalized. The problem for Charles – and the entire Windsor clan – is that The Crown gets the broad strokes right, and that Peter Morgan cares enough about historical accuracy to not leave himself open to lawsuits or any serious threats. Charles’s basic complaint is “well, it makes me look bad” NOT “this is wholly inaccurate.” It’s the exact same thing with the Savile documentary – you think the filmmakers didn’t ensure that they had all their ducks in a row? You think they just went off and made wild claims about Charles with no evidence?

Still, I have to think that Wootton is slyly bringing up Charles’s beef with Netflix to remind everyone just how compromised Charles is and what a bad judge of character he is. Wootton is, I believe, firmly on Team Baldemort. Wootton managed to make this sound like Charles-versus-Harry. Which suits William perfectly.

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