Powerball Winner Buys Massive $25.5M Hollywood Hills Home

Powerball Winner Buys Massive $25.5M Hollywood Hills Home

The recent winner of the $2.04 billion Powerball prize is movin’ on up … because he’s picked up a HUGE mansion in Hollywood for $25.5 million — but the price tag is just a drop in the bucket for the newly-minted billionaire.

Edwin Castro, the lucky winner of November’s jackpot prize, just snagged a 13,578-square-foot home in the hills of L.A., according to Dirt coming just 1 month after claiming his 1-time payment of $997.6M before taxes.

The guy’s now going to be living next to huge stars like Jimmy Kimmel and Ariana Grande  … and the mansion comes with all the bells and whistles.

The 3-story hillside pad has an infinity pool, full outdoor kitchen, gym, wine cellar, movie theater, and sauna. It’s also got a deck on the roof for anyone wanting to get a view of that perfect Cali sunset.

Edwin might be looking to pick up some extra wheels, too — because the house has 2 separate garages that can hold up to 7 cars, as well as a motor court out front to fit even more rides.

As we reported, Edwin was getting sued by a man that claimed his winning lottery ticket was stolen — believing Edwin was involved in the alleged theft. A lottery spokesperson told us, however, the org has the utmost confidence Edwin’s the rightful winner.

Way to go, Edwin — spend the rest wisely!

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