Popular TV weather girl reveals anguish after famous footballer betrayed her

A glamorous South American TV weather girl has revealed how she liked to target professional footballers in her quest to find love – before she was betrayed.

Sol Perez, who is dubbed Argentina’s “sexiest weather girl”, claimed she was seeing Argentina international Exequiel Palacios.

But her brief fling with the 20-year-old River Plate midfielder ended when she discovered he already ‘had a girlfriend – and another lover’.

However, popular Perez has revealed the reason why she is so attracted to football players.

“They have a similar lifestyle to me,” she said, speaking during a TV interview in her native Argentina.

"They tend to keep their partners out of the limelight, but they can also be a little dishonest.

"Right now, I feel like I need something else and I do not want to go out with footballers anymore."

Discussing her relationship with Palacios in detail, 25-year-old Perez said: "It was strange. I initially did not want to go out with someone younger than me (Palacios was 19 at the time) but he really persisted.

"One day, he suddenly asked me to go public and wanted to meet for a drink in a public square.

"After, he claimed that I was with someone else (actor Juan Guilera) and got angry, but it was not true.

"Then women came forwards saying they were his girlfriends, I did not like that one bit.

"He gave me back my house keys and we did not see each other anymore.”

According to local media, Palacios was seeing the actress and singer Juliana Orellano at the same time as Perez and both women ended things with the River Plate star when learning of the other.

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