Please Enjoy These Adorable Photos of Prince Harry with Kids Just Because

It’s official: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their first baby! But the latest addition to the royal family isn’t due until the spring, so while we wait, let’s enjoy a handful of adorable pics of everyone’s fave prince (sorry, William) being sweet with cute kids.

Prince Harry + little baby in a bundle = all I need in life. Harry met this cutie during his three-day tour of Chile and Brazil.

Also during his visit to Chile, Prince Harry horsed around in a classroom with kindergarten students.

If it isn’t obvious, Harry really loves kids. Here he is smooching a baby on his visit to Lesotho, South Africa, at the Thuso Centre for children living with multiple disabilities.

Yes, this adorable lil kid is holding up a sign that signs “Keep calm, ginger is the spice of life,” so it’d pretty much be criminal if Harry didn’t stop to say hello. This photo was taken during a walkabout in Christchurch, New Zealand, btw.

Is this a rare glimpse of Prince Harry’s future identity as a “cool dad?” Watch out, Prince William. P.S. Yes, Harry really did the dab at a youth sports festival during an official visit to the Caribbean.

Harry playfully pretends to dodge bubbles being blown by a little boy on the second day of an official royal visit to the Caribbean.

He then decides to show the kids how it’s done. THE CUTEST!

Prince Harry couldn’t resist giving this little boy a belly rub during his visit to the Turtle Conservation Project in the Caribbean.

Harry, never one to worry about looking silly, grabbed his ears during a visit to Hamilton College.

Omg did anyone else just get chills thinking about how precious Harry will be if he has a daughter?! Here’s a snap of the prince helping a young girl cut the ribbon to officially open the Virgin Money London Marathon Expo. Awww.

Omg now I’m getting chills picturing Harry with a son! This is a pic from when Meghan’s bae hosted a tea party on the grounds of Buckingham Palace for the children of those who have died serving in the armed forces.

Just because he’s in uniform doesn’t mean he’ll stop talking to kiddos! Harry kneels down to get on the children’s eye-level during an official visit to the Royal Air Force Honington base.

Prince Harry plays football with kids during a visit to the StreetGames’ Fit and Fed at Central Park East Ham in London. Maybe he’ll be a soccer dad?

Now for an iconic one. Remember when Harry caught this lil girl sneaking some of his popcorn at the Invictus Games? This series of pics is truly amazing, so buckle up.


He’s back with more ear content! Prince Harry makes a wacky face while he’s talking to local school children during his visit to St-Michael’s-on-Wyre at Village Hall. Shout-out to the guy in the back who seems equally amused as the kids!

Harry also gives the best fist bumps, btw.

While on a royal visit to Copenhagen, Harry was greeted with a bouquet of flowers from this little girl. How effing charming!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met schoolchildren after attending the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey. And of course Harry couldn’t help but make a funny face!

Prince Harry chides this adorable lil bloke for grabbing the Duchess of Sussex’s hair. And it looks like he knows what he did. Whoops!

This is the face Prince Harry will probably make when his future toddler gets into trouble—a goofy-stern look from a dad who can only fake being mad. This stare-down happened on an official visit to Sussex.

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