Piers Morgan feud: Sharon Osbourne’s 3am apology after ‘nearly strangling him to death’

Piers Morgan: Sharon Osbourne clashes with co-host on support

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The former Good Morning Britain (GMB) host and Osbourne’s friendship has come into the spotlight this week after remarks about their 20-year tempestuous relationship. Many believed the TV stars were at odds after a number of coarse interactions on America’s Got Talent. Recently, more has emerged about their troubled past.

Last month, Osbourne came under for defending Piers when he said he did not to “believe a word” Meghan Markle said during her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In an inflammatory tweet, the 68-year-old said she was “with” the ITV star and would “stand by” him despite his dismissive remarks about the Duchess’ mental health.

She reminded people that Piers, 56, was “paid” for his “opinion” and was “just speaking” his “truth” on GMB.

Piers praised his friend’s courage online and acknowledged “she knew she would get abused by the woke brigade” for defending him. 

The aftermath of Osbourne’s remarks led to her leaving US chat show The Talk, a similar show to Loose Women in the UK.

During an interview with You magazine last weekend, she explained that she did not agree with Piers’ comments but respected his honesty. 

The TV presenter, who is married to Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne, 72, revealed she and Piers had clashed on a number of occasions. 

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Osbourne admitted to having “slapped him” in Mr Chow’s, an expensive Chinese restaurant in Knightsbridge, London.

Despite the “punch up”, she claimed they were “great mates” even though they would regularly “argue like hell”.

Piers recounted another incident where things went south for the warring TV stars.

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During a 2017 interview on Loose Women, the duo was asked whether their relationship was “love or hate or love-hate”.

Piers recalled a difficult meeting between them after she was announced as a new judge on the season of America’s Got Talent.

When he was informed, he knew their exchange would be “awkward” as he had “written some not entirely complimentary things about” her in the past.

They went for dinner with NBC, who produced the show, “all their executives” and Jerry Springer, 77, the show’s host.

Piers recalled Osbourne launching at him after he “said something a little bit confrontational”.

The Loose Women panel mockingly pretended to be shocked, including Coleen Nolan who said: “No! Really?”

Neither Piers nor Osbourne couldn’t “remember” what the incendiary remark was about but soon after she “ran up behind” him.

He recalled: “She began to strangle me to death and it wasn’t funny, she was literally throttling me.”

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Piers noted it was an especially inappropriate incident because all NBC’s executives were there and the fracas happened the night before they started filming.

He claimed husband Ozzy struggled to “pull her off” but fortunately “Jerry Springer, of all people” stepped in and was able to get her away.

Back at the hotel room, Piers thought the evening was “a disaster” and took a sleeping pill “just to try to get over it”.

He recalled: “I woke at three [am] to my phone ringing incessantly. I pick it up, ‘Hello is it Piers? It’s Ozzy here. I’ve got, err, I’ve got Sharon for you.”

In a mocking accent, Piers claimed his future co-star said: “I’m sorry boss, I didn’t mean to.”

The heated event led America’s Got Talent team to hire extra security in preparation for Piers and Osbourne meeting again to film the show. 

Piers said: “So the next day we arrive on set and NBC has basically got 50 bodyguards to try to wrestle us apart.

“And we’re like, ‘Hello darling!’ and they are like, ‘These English, they are nuts!’”

Osbourne laughed along and added that the security team thought they were “completely insane”.

Piers compared his co-star to “one of her little dogs – really dangerous but doesn’t look it”.

He said: “So you think small, cuddly, sweet. You start stroking and arghh! Very dangerous.”

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