P.O.D. Drops ‘Listening For The Silence’

P.O.D., who are prepping to release their new album Circles, have dropped a new single from the record, title “Listening For The Silence.”

“Listening For The Silence” includes powerful lyrics describing paranoia, with frontman Sonny Sandoval singing about being afraid of his state of mind.

“All these strangers. Everywhere is danger, this anger. Has got me hating everyone that I see. And all these faces. I’m so afraid of the speed of my mind. Everyone’s looking at me.”

The California-based band, which has released 10 albums over the span of two decades, will drop Circles on November 16 via Mascot Label Group. Circles is P.O.D.’s first album since 2015’s The Awakening.

The band had previously released the title track “Circles,” “Soundboy Killa” and “Rockin’ With the Best.”

“This song is about the voices we battle in our heads as well as the perfect communication I find in your unspoken words,” Sandoval says. “In all of the madness, confusion and chaos, I find peace in the silence. We should all practice the art of silence from time to time.”

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