Out-of-Control Car Launches into Wendy's, Crazy Video

A motorist in New Jersey lost control of their car and put a quick scare into the fast-food patrons at a Wendy’s as the vehicle came smashing back to the ground … just feet away from them.

According to South Brunswick PD … the wild incident went down Monday when the car — a Toyota Corolla — launched over a berm, and surveillance cameras captured it flying through the air across the parking lot before clipping an Audi waiting in the drive-thru line.

A second camera shot shows the end result, as the vehicle then crashes into the Wendy’s and hits an outdoor table right next to a table where a family was eating.

Thankfully, cops say there were no serious injuries. That’s pretty hard to believe when you see the damage, which forced the Wendy’s to close up shop for now.

According to reports … the driver may have suffered a medical issue that caused the freak accident, and a child in the Audi was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

But, as the South Brunswick Police Chief says … “This is nothing short of a miracle that no one was seriously injured or killed in this crash.”

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