O.J. Simpson Shuts Down Murder Questions, 'I'm Not Going There'

OJ Simpson Shuts Down Murder Question, 'I'm Not Going There'

O.J. Simpson hopped behind a mic and gave a rare interview this week … but there’s one topic he won’t touch after nearly 3 decades — who killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

The 75-year-old was a surprise guest on the Nelk Boys’ “Full Send” podcast … where he talked about his 9-year stint behind bars for armed robbery, his friendship with President Donald Trump, the Kardashians and a bunch of other subjects.

But, when the conversation turned to the 1994 slaying of his ex-wife and her friend, O.J.’s chatter came to a screeching halt.

“Right now, I’m not going to discuss any of that, all right?” O.J. said when asked whether he’s pissed the “real” killer was never caught.

“I think that’s a pretty obvious question. But, I’m not getting into that. I’m not going there.”

O.J. was chill throughout the nearly 2-hour podcast — laughing as he told stories — but when the murders were brought up, his mood clearly changed.

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The guys tried to ask one more follow-up … but Simpson was adamant he wasn’t going to speak on it.

“I’m not going there,” he said as he shook his head.

As it turns out, the guys later explained O.J.’s people told them “10 times” not to bring up anything about the Brown/Goldman trial … but let’s be real, you HAVE to ask, right?!

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The hosts admitted they were really nervous about breaking their promise … and considering a civil court jury found O.J. liable for Nicole and Ron’s deaths, it’s pretty understandable.

O.J. Simpson Won't Go to L.A. Out of Fear of Running Into Real Killer

O.J. Simpson Won't Go to L.A. Out of Fear of Running Into Real Killer

O.J. has previously announced he wouldn’t move back to L.A. out of fear of running into the “real” killer … saying back in 2021 he had no idea who did it.

O.J. says he’s never going to be able to persuade people’s opinion of him … so his focus is on things that happened this century.

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