O.J. Simpson Says He Never Hooked Up With Kris Jenner, Isn't Khloe's Dad

O.J. Simpson is once again denying age-old rumors that he slept with Kris Jenner and fathered Khloe Kardashian — explaining the reason that can’t be true … she ain’t his type.

The Juice addressed the speculation in an interview on the Full Send Podcast, where he was asked about gossip that he and Kris may have had an affair going on way back in the day … when O.J. and Robert Kardashian were still good friends and before the murder trial.

oj simpson bruce jenner

O.J. says there’s no truth to the notion he hooked up with Kris, explaining he was never attracted to her … and didn’t think she was attracted to him. Not to mention, she was married to Bob at the time — so there’s that.

He also flatly denies being Khloe’s dad … despite years of people suggesting he could be. O.J. says he doesn’t know anything about that, but does float the possibility of someone else perhaps being her dad … making mention of a “cook” rumor he’s heard.

In any case — O.J.’s sticking to his story — one he’s told on camera before regarding this.

O.J. does make clear he had a good relationship with the Kardashians once upon a time — and it sounds like he was even friendly with Kris post-acquittal — telling a story about how KJ once allegedly begged him to play golf with Bruce Jenner when they first got together.

Ancient history, nonetheless.

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