NYPD detective told Weinstein accuser to delete info from her phones: DA

The NYPD detective who got kicked off the Harvey Weinstein sex-assault case was accused Wednesday by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office of telling an accuser to delete information from her cell phones before turning them over to prosecutors.

The allegation against Det. Nicholas DiGaudio marked the latest escalation of the controversy over whether he or lead prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon covered up damaging information that led to the dismissal of one felony count against the disgraced movie mogul last week.

In a letter to Weinstein’s defense lawyer, Illuzzi-Orbon said a woman who Weinstein is accused of raping in 2013 — identified only as “Complainant 2” — was told by DiGaudio that “she should delete anything she did not want anyone to see” before turning her phones over to prosecutors.

“According to Complainant 2, Detective DiGaudio then added, “we just won’t tell Joan,” the letter says.

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