Nurse Shark Attacks Snorkeler Who Cleans Wound and Jumps Back in Ocean in Maldives

So, what ever happened to professional courtesy?

Carmen Canovas Cervello, yes, a nurse, was snorkeling in the Maldives when a 220-lb, 8-foot-long nurse shark attacked her and left a gnarly, 6-inch wound as a souvenir.

The video is crazy … you see the shark circle her before it sinks its chompers in the snorkeler, right in her shoulder and upper back.

So that’s actually not the craziest part … Cervello goes to shore, gets the wound cleaned, and jumps back in the ocean for a second swim!!!

Carmen Canovas Cervello

Her friend, Ibrahim Shafeed, a underwater photog, is the one who shot the footage. No excuse to miss a shot!

BTW … they knew these waters are shark-infested but, hey, you take your chances. Fact is, most nurse sharks don’t pose a danger, unless they’re provoked.

Carmen Canovas Cervello

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