‘Not my job!’ Countryfile’s Tom Heap addresses the BBC show’s balance of stories

Countryfile: Tom Heap discusses dog theft

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Tom Heap will be back on Countryfile this week as the team heads to Yorkshire. In a chat with Express.co.uk the presenter previously opened up about how he finds achieving the balance between feel-good and serious issues on the show.

Tom has been affectionately dubbed the “Grim Heaper” on Countryfile in the past.

This is because ever since the rural affairs presenter joined the show, he’s often been tasked with presenting hard-hitting stories.

While most find Tom’s investigative reporting style informative, some have criticised the negative segments.

During an exclusive chat with Express.co.uk Tom previously opened up about how they achieve balance in the BBC show.

He said: “The balance element of that is not really my job.

“Balance would be more for the programme’s editors when it’s being put together.

“From my point of view, I want to try and tell a story as it is.

“Normally within a story, we often have the structure of problem, solution.

“So you might spend the first two-thirds of the story outlining a particular argument or the crisis on a particular grievance.

“And then, in the last point, maybe stepping away from it.”

Tom continued to explain how this style tends to suit him when presenting.

He added: “I find that quite like that.

“I subscribe quite willingly to that idea because I think generally journalism that doesn’t give the viewer, a sort of a way through then it can be a bit of a turn off for them.

“And isn’t always accurate because on any problem there’s usually someone, somewhere who’s working on a solution or sees it differently or whatever so I think it’s quite important to do that.”

In this week’s episode, Anita Rani and Tom will head to Yorkshire’s Flamborough Head.

Here, Anita will be visiting England’s largest onshore seabird colony.

Tom will be heading off to explore the coast’s chalk caves.

Elsewhere, Tom also developed a podcast series earlier this year called 39 Ways to Save the Planet.

Available on BBC Sounds in video and audio form, the series looked at what’s being done to help combat climate change.

Among the subjects covered were how trees can be chopped down without harming the planet and how British farming can adapt to cut carbon.

You can listen to the podcast series here now.

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