Not a Good (or Healthy) Look: After Days of Being Downcast Justin Bieber Is Suddenly Very “Fired Up”

After days of footage showing Justin Bieber looking downcast or worse in the wake of hearing about his ex Selena Gomez’s hospitalization, video of Justin yesterday shows the singer acting suddenly — and erratically — upbeat with a group of bystanders on a Los Angeles street, as his wife Hailey Baldwin looks nervously on with her arms folded.

The video shows Justin and Hailey walking to get drinks at a local coffee shop, though to describe the scene a little more accurately, Justin is really bouncing down the street, repeatedly saying in a loud voice that he is “fired up.” Hailey appears to be following along quietly with her arms folded a few steps behind.

Nearby, Justin sees a group of four women sitting outside the coffee shop, and he approaches them, asking repeatedly — and pretty aggressively — if they are “fired up?” Justin says the same “fired up” line at least fourteen times with the women in less than a minute, before he awkwardly begins high-fiving each of them.

Finally, Justin continues on to the coffee shop, but not before spotting a photographer from X17 Online standing nearby. Justin then asks the photographer if he, too, is “fired up.” X17 Online wrote that Justin “appeared to be having a manic episode” as Hailey watched “in horror.” The experience left X17 to ask, “why is Justin Bieber tweaking on fans?”

While it is not clear that Justin was in fact “tweaking,’ there is obvious concern, given his widely reported substance abuse issues in the past that were corroborated most recently by his manager Scooter Braun, that Justin may have let himself slip back into bad habits to cope with his current stress over Selena’s breakdown.

Of course, another equally concerning explanation for the apparent “manic episode” might be that Justin, himself, could be experiencing some form of mental health issue or emotional breakdown of his own, leading to behavior like this.

Or maybe Justin is just all of a sudden uncontrollably “fired up” …

You can check out X17‘s video below and make up your own mind about what’s going on with Justin.

(Image source: Youtube)

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