Night Crumbs

Prince Charles is on the cover of Vanity Fair for some profile to push into our brains about how much he works and how he’s totally not a pile of boring (with gorgeous bird wing brows, I might fucking add) like people think he is. That’s great and everything, but not once in Vanity Fair’s profile did they ask him that when he told Duchess Camilla he wanted to be her tampon, did he mean a regular one or a super absorbent one? I know, the hell kind of serious journalists do they got at Vanity Fair? – Lainey Gossip

Lisa Rinna as Erika Jayne sort of looks like a possessed ventriloquist dummy of a bootleg Michelle Pfeiffer – Reality Tea

Hugh JacksTheKushnersOff, but don’t worry they don’t get into politics. (Insert side-eye here) – Celebitchy

In case you were wondering, Logan Paul is a thing people are still paying attention to – Pajiba

This holiday season, RuPaul will bring on the ho ho ho ho hos (and that’s just the first five contestants) and crown the first ever Drag Race Christmas Queen – Towleroad

Ireland Baldwin brought some peek-a-poon glamour on Halloween – (NSFW) Drunken Stepfather 

I hate the overused saying “so and so won Halloween,” but well, then Jessica Simpson and Whatshisnamewhocares busted out a Twins costume – SOW

Wherefore art thou Emilia Clarke’s nipple knobs? – Popoholic

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Pic: Vanity Fair 

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