New Angle of Khabib Attacking Conor McGregor's Coach at UFC 229

As wild as it was to watch Khabib Nurmagomedo jump out of the Octagon to attack Conor McGregor‘s jiu-jitsu coach on TV, it’s even crazier with this angle from the ground floor.

TMZ has obtained footage that captured the insane moment Khabib — who’d just defeated Conor for the lightweight belt — hopped over the cage and try to fight Dillon Danis. This is a clear shot of the action … and it gives you a sense of how chaotic it was on the ground level.

Tons of people — including metro police — immediately rushed in to break up the fight, and Khabib is quickly dragged away screaming. You also see Conor try to rush out as well and get into it with Khabib’s trainer, before getting rushed himself by another guy in Khabib’s camp.

Khabib later apologized for the incident, but it’s unclear what punishment — if any — he may face for setting off the massive brawl. 

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