Netflix’s ‘Away’ Showrunner Talks Season 2 Plans – What Will Happen Next?!

The new Netflix series Away, starring Hilary Swank, has been number one on the streaming service this week and fans are wondering what will happen in a possible second season.

Netflix has not yet renewed the show for another season, but thanks to the early success, it seems inevitable that we’ll get more seasons.

So, what will happen in the future? Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled on what happened in season one!

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At the end of the first season, the Atlas crew successfully lands on Mars and we find out that Pegasus, the space ship with their supplies, has also arrived safely.

“I just feel like there’s so much more to tell about everybody,” showrunner Jessica Goldberg told ET about developing the characters further in season two. “I feel like we just scratched the surface of the other characters and it would be wonderful to get to go deeper.”

“What’s starts to happen, is the longer you’re away, the people you’re with become more your family and those tethers become more and more tenuous. I imagine if we’re lucky enough to have a season 2, which I hope we are, there’s so many stories to tell,” Jessica said. She added, “we really see these characters lose the tropes, lose the stereotypes. We start to see who they really are. And we also start to see them become a family.”

“Mars opens up the possibility for so many stories to tell,” she said.

Ray Panthaki, who plays Ram, said, “So much hasn’t been explored in the first season, so I would like to explore these characters more and learn about their past, which I think is interesting. And the structure of the show allows us to do that, so that’s exciting.”

Away creator Andrew Hinderaker opened up to The Cap Times about a possible second season.

He said, “That is the hope, absolutely. There’s no news to break in terms of whether we know that there will be future seasons, but the plan was always for a multi-season arc. The intention was always to start the first season and end the first season exactly how we did. But part of the reason the show is called Away is we were always interested in that journey, and what happens when they go home. There’s this phenomenon among astronauts, it’s so fascinating, where home becomes space, and they feel away back home. And, of course, that’s amplified in a mission to Mars where you’ve been gone for three years. You literally are different people when you come back.”

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