Neil Jones: Strictly pro apologises to fans after video is taken down for violating rules

Neil Jones apologises to fans for dance class issues

Neil Jones, 38, has been keeping us all entertained while keeping fit with fun dance classes posted every week on his Instagram account. Back in 2016, he created his own dance workshop UrbanBallroom, and alongside the paid classes, he has been offering free ones during his Instagram lives.

This morning’s class was incredible but Instagram has blocked the video because of music rights

Neil Jones

The initiative has been providing fans of ballroom favourites with new routines, but Neil had to apologise after his latest video was taken down.

Taking to his Instagram story, the dancer admitted the free video had breached the social media site’s rules and regulations.

“Hey guys, what can I say… this morning’s class was incredible but Instagram has blocked the video because of music rights,” Neil told his followers.

“So the video is not there.”

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He continued to apologise but had some good news.

“I’m really, really sorry about that, but the classes have still been happening.

“I’ll get a different song tomorrow, do a different dance and it’ll be all good – join in then!”

The dance classes have also been a distraction for Neil too, following his split from girlfriend Luisa Eusse last month.

Neil dated the model and dancer last summer but admitted he received backlash on social media that really played on his mind.

When asked about the impact they had on him, Neil said it was “hard” to deal with, telling Entertainment Daily: “It’s one of these things, it’s hard,” the professional dancer told the publication.

“I think for anyone to turn around and say it doesn’t affect you, personally I would say that’s most likely not true because it does.

“You could read 100 amazing comments then you could have one comment that’s negative and that one negative comment could stay in your head,” he went on to add.

Neil said he tries to stay positive amid the negativity by talking to his friends.

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Keeping him company at home during lockdown is his new rescue dog and long-term pet pooch Crumble, who he shares with ex-wife and fellow Strictly star Katya Jones.

The dancer revealed Katya is welcome to see their shared dog whenever she wants to, but has told her she has to take his new dog too.

He told “I’ve got Crumble, who’s eight. I’ve had her since a puppy.

“Two or three weeks ago, I adopted another dog, originally when he came to me his name was Tofu, but he doesn’t really recognise his name, so I’ve changed it to Chorizo.

“He still doesn’t know that name, so I keep pushing it at him and we will just see what happens.”

He added of the pair’s pooch: “With Crumble, if Katya ever wants to see Crumble, that’s no problem whatsoever.

“But I have said to her, if she wants to take Crumble, she has to take Chorizo as well because they’re brother and sister now and I can’t separate them. It’s the way.”

On his friendship with his former spouse, he went on to say: “We’ve been through so much together and have known each other for years, she’s a good friend of mine.

“We will always be friends no matter what.”

The pair split after 11 years together, five of which they were married, ahead of the Strictly Come Dancing 2019 series.

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