‘Needed a break’ Daniel Craig addresses his ‘grumpy’ James Bond interviews amid 007 exit

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Daniel Craig, 53, once famously said he would “slash his own wrists” than do another James Bond movie, after wrapping up on 2015’s Spectre. Following the much-discussed interview, there was some backlash over his comments and now, the Chester-born actor has addressed his seemingly “grumpy” attitude towards playing the much-loved action man. 

Speaking on what was going through his mind during Spectre’s promotion trail, Craig shared:  “To be completely honest, I was thinking, ‘I don’t know if I can do another one of these’.

“I finished filming Spectre with a broken leg. To your point about being in my 50s now, I thought, ‘Do I have this in me? Do I want to go through all of this?’ 

“I needed a break,” he added.

He continued, a little sheepishly: “But a little more skill in the answer might have been better.

“I was joking, but it came across as ungrateful,” He admitted to this week’s Radio Times.

Barbara Broccoli also took part of the blame for the now-infamous interview.

The Bond producer said that after his injury, Daniel was overworked with a week of press events.

This then led to the 007 actor being very annoyed at the team, which escalated into the comments he made.

The actor made the outlandish statement while making an appearance on The Late Show in the US with Stephen Colbert.

“There is no point in making excuses about it, but it was two days after I finished shooting the last movie,” Craig recalled.

 “I went straight into an interview and someone said, ‘Would you do another one?’ And I went, ‘No.’ And instead of saying something with style and grace, I gave a really stupid answer.”

Colbert then jumped in to say the situation is like asking a woman who just gave birth if she would like to have another child. 

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He suggested that the woman might say no at that moment, but would be open to the idea of having another child later.

The star said he didn’t exactly agree with the comedian’s comparison, sharing: “I can’t compare it to childbirth. I would get in a lot of trouble.”

Daniel is best known for playing James Bond in the eponymous film series, beginning with Casino Royale in 2006.

Casino Royale premiered on November 14 2006, and grossed over £500million worldwide.

This made it the highest-grossing Bond film until the release of Skyfall in 2012.

Development for Daniel’s latest Bond instalment, No Time to Die, began in 2016.

Danny Boyle was originally set to direct it, however, he left due to creative differences in August 2018.

His departure, and the COVID-19 pandemic, led to the delay of the movie’s opening.

The world premiere for No Time to Die will now take place at the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 28 2021.

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – out now

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