Ne-Yo Plans to Have New Baby to Seal Reunion With Wife

The ‘Closer’ hitmaker is contemplating to expand his brood to celebrate his reunion with wife Crystal after they called off their divorce following their separation last year.

AceShowbiz -R&B star Ne-Yo is considering cementing his marriage reconciliation with a new baby.

The “Closer” hitmaker entered the coronavirus lockdown in March (20) preparing to divorce Crystal Renay Smith after four years of marriage, but they ended up using the unexpected downtime to work on their relationship woes and reunite.

Ne-Yo previously admitted the free time he suddenly had amid the global pandemic served as a “blessing” for their marriage, and now they are stronger than ever.

“The quarantine (forced) myself and my wife to sit down and really face our problems head on,” he explained on U.S. show Access Hollywood.

“We had fallen into this place where we couldn’t really talk to each other, and then on top of that, I was travelling all the time, so it’s like, ‘Listen, I know we’ve got an issue right now, but I’m about to catch a plane so we’ll deal with it later.’ Enough of that is enough to break up, no matter what bond, if you’re not being proactive about making sure that bond is alright.”

“So what the quarantine did was force us to sit down and get in each other’s face and have those uncomfortable conversations that we couldn’t have before, and the realisation that we came to is that we love each other.”

“Nothing is stronger, nothing we can go through, nothing anybody can say or do, can ever be stronger than the fact that we genuinely and truly love each other. Once we got to that, we’ve been great ever since.”

And now the couple is open to expanding its brood to seal the reunion.

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Asked if fans can expect Ne-Yo to become a new dad in the near future, he smiled coyly as he replied, “Perhaps, we’ll see!”

He and Crystal already share two young sons, while the singer also has two kids with his former fiancee, Monyetta Shaw.

Meanwhile, Ne-Yo and Crystal have documented their romantic reconciliation in his recent music video for “U 2 Luv”, his collaboration with singer Jeremih.

Ne-Yo insisted on hiring Crystal to play his onscreen partner in the promo, and it made for his easiest shoot to date.

“Considering she was the inspiration for my part of the song, it just made perfect sense,” he said.

“I remember sitting, talking to my managers about the leading ladies for the video… and it just don’t make no sense (sic) for it to be anybody but my wife, so we put her in and it was honestly the easiest video I ever shot.”

However, Ne-Yo admits there was one aspect of the video, set in an indoor roller skating rink, which he didn’t quite get to grips with. “(It was) super easy, (apart) from the skating part – I’m not a good skater!” he confessed.

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