NBA YoungBoy Reveals Wedding Plans With Jazlyn While Feuding With Other Baby Mamas

The ‘Bandit’ rapper goes off on his exes Jania Meshell and Drea Symone after Jania insinuates that YoungBoy isn’t the greatest father and Drea weighs in on the situation.

AceShowbiz -It’s already hard to co-parent with an ex, let alone maintaining good relationships with multiple baby mamas. NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again is currently feuding with two of his exes after they insinuated that he’s a deadbeat father.

Jania Meshell first opened up on her struggles of becoming a single mom on Twitter. “It’s amazing seeing men be REAL FATHERS especially with me growing up without one I just love it for kids that actually have it,” she penned on Friday, October 28.

She added, “But boy oh boy us single moms out here with no break no financial help literally making it come together for our kids cause we have no other choice we got this.” Sending some encouragement to other single moms out there, she wrote, “It’s not always going to be easy but remember why you’re doing GREAT.”

YoungBoy appeared to respond to Jania’s tweets through his producer’s Instagram page. He accused Jania’s new boyfriend, NBA star Dejounte Murray, of kicking his and Jania’s son Kacey out the car and making the boy walk.

“I’m a real shooter b***h. I was cool with him until he put my son out the car and made him walk,” the 23-year-old star wrote on Instagram Stories. “Y’all don’t want do this with me don’t f**king lie on my dealing with my kids b***h tme and this money all I got.”

“You know what you did b***h you ignored me for months now trying to play with me on here cause they called him gay (sad b***h),” he continued his rant. “single moms? You bum b***h you barley get book you live off his money.”

Responding to his claim, Jania went on Instagram Live and spoke to her son who denied that Dejounte ever kicked him out of the car.

YoungBoy’s other baby mama Drea Symone later weighed in on the situation. Seemingly backing up Jania’s claims, she tweeted, “Speak on everything but the main issue. Trade all the money in the world for my youngest daughter to have a father. I’ve been quiet…today the day tho.” Insisting that she’s not a gold digger, she added, “I ain’t never met a gold digger who wasn’t satisfied by money.”

YoungBoy clapped back to his baby mamas, writing again, “It’s either you broke, can’t keep a man, or want my d**k. Or either touching 30 mad the money ain’t satisfying you you then gold digged up out a baby situation.”

In one of the Stories, he casually revealed his plans to marry his fiancee Jazlyn Mychelle in early 2023 as declaring, “Funk b***h. My wedding is January we finna get it all out they way now b***h.”

Jania then clarified that her initial tweets were not aimed at her ex YoungBoy. “No matter what I do I always get connected to s**t I don’t wanna be connected to I hate that for me… The sad part is I wasn’t bashing anyone I was giving mothers a pat on the back like it’s always drama with y’all,” so she claimed.

Drea chimed in on her own page, “Been a lot of screaming going on today. A hit dog gonna holler every time. But they’ll say anything when you get to stating facts. We’ve all seen different versions of a person, which is why one week it’s ‘W dad’ etc. and the next ‘you knew what you signed up for’. Anything to justify that behavior I guess.”

Fed up with the back and forth, Jania eventually deactivated her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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