My 3 Month Body Makeover! The Best And Most Sustainable Way I've Ever Lost Weight! | Perez Hilton

From Perez: “I gained 42 lbs during the first lockdown! I was heading down a very dangerous path with my eating and drinking. My anxiety and depression were painful. Life sucked! Three months ago today I decided to take back control! I refocused on my health and I’m so excited to share a lot with you all in this video! I’m going to share my before and after. I will weigh myself for the first time since I got back on the healthy train. I will tell you HOW I did it! It’s easy, fun and I can keep this up forever! And I have got some announcements for the future. For me and for YOU! Join me on this journey! And feel free to ask me any questions below! I am here to help! Watch! Enjoy! SHARE!”

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