Mrs Hinch shares pictures of disastrous haircut she gave husband Jamie and admits he looks like he’s ‘wearing a tiny hat’

Mrs Hinch’s husband Jamie requested a haircut during lockdown, but the cleaning sensation has revealed that it did not turn out very well.

Mrs Hinch told her legions of fans that her husband Jamie requested a hair cut during a very busy morning, which saw her baby son Ronnie refusing to let him dress her and her dog Henry getting stuck behind her shed.

As she shared a video of herself cleaning her kitchen floor, she wrote: “I spilt disgusting prune juice all over the kitchen floor and it’s stained my plinths brown!

“And THEN whilst this was all happening Jamie wanted his hair cut.” [sic]

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However, Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, then revealed that Jamie’s hair cut went less than successfully as she shared a video of herself holding up clippers with a look of guilt on her face.

She explained: “BUT its went terribly wrong, he is now in the shower and I am waiting for him to get the fright of his life when he looks in the mirror!

“He looks like he is wearing a tiny hat and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.” [sic]

After the hair cut, the 30 year old shared a video of herself crying frustrated tears but told fans that Jamie didn’t think his new ‘do was too bad.

She wrote: “I have been crying tears of frustration and laughter.

“Jamie said his hair isn’t as bad as he thought it would be. I think it’s because he knows I’m having a shocking morning.”

It appears the pair soon saw the funny side of the situation as Mrs Hinch shared a full look at Jamie’s new hairstyle, joking it looks like he has a hat on.

Over the picture she wrote: “Jamie’s got his hat on” and: “No words”, along with a series of crying-with-laughter emojis.

It comes after Jamie defended his wife in a rare message after she said she'd been left 'hurt' by 'fake people’.

The cleaning influencer, who has 3.4m followers and hundreds of Facebook groups dedicated to her, went quiet on social media following a message she wrote saying she had been left "confused, disappointed and slightly hurt" by "fake people".

Affected by his wife's reaction her husband Jamie took to his own Instagram to post a rare message in her defence, as she decided to take some time away from social media.

"Needed some fresh air with the boy. Such a shame Soph's kindness gets mistaken as weakness. I'll toughen her up and never let her fall. Goodnight everyone," Jamie said over a picture of the couple's beloved dog Henry.

Sophie had shared a sweet picture of her cradling her sleeping son Ronnie, who is nearly one, and shared the message on her Stories.

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"So I've seen, read and heard a few things today that's left me confused, disappointed and slightly hurt now if I'm honest.

"So I just want to sit in my living room with Jamie, Ronnie and Henry and forget that unfortunately fake people do exist and my gut feeling was right," she said.

She finished her message: "Thank you for every single comment on my recent grid post. I see you. Goodnight. Catch up soon."

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