Monica Lewinsky’s Latest Tweet Is Causing A Stir

Monica Lewinsky may not have gotten a fair shake in 1998, when it was revealed that Lewinsky, then a 21-year-old intern to former President Bill Clinton, was involved in a sexual relationship with the ex-commander-in-chief — one pocked and demarcated by a number of power differentials and inequitable dynamics. But since reemerging as a public figure in 2014 following the publication of her much-lauded essay “Shame and Survival” at Vanity Fair, which detailed her years-long struggles in the aftermath of the Clinton incident, Lewinsky has experienced what can only be deemed as an ebullient, all-empowering renaissance. Since the release of that landmark essay, Lewinsky has made her name as an entrepreneur, a preeminent speaker, and a feminist and anti-bullying activist. 

While the once-ostracized Lewinsky keeps a number of plates in the air professionally, however, it doesn’t mean she has lost a sense of a humor. For the most recent example, one only has to quickly peruse her Twitter feed to find a post that’s providing some deep-belly guffaws and only adding to her reputation as an iconoclast. 

Keep reading to find out why Monica Lewinsky’s latest social media post is turning heads.

Monica Lewinsky's latest tweet is a hilarious self-own

As media outlets like The Independent’s Indy 100 blog reported on May 21, Monica Lewinsky’s latest viral social media proferring occurred after the feminist icon made an excellently cavalier joke regarding (and in reference to) the cultural touchstone that made her a public figure, for better or for worse — her prior sexual relationship with former President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky’s post was a retweeted response to a question posed by the Twitter account UberFacts, which read as follows: “What’s the most high-risk, low-reward thing you’ve ever done?”

Quoting the tweet with brevity and a big dose of levity, Lewinsky retweeted the original query with a single emoji — and if you hadn’t guessed already, it was the indomitable, ever-prescient side-eye (or, for the uninitiated, “?”). As Indy 100 noted, the gesture was a bit of a mic drop, as well as a clear reference to what the anti-bullying advocate once described in her Vanity Fair essay as an “annus horribilis” which resulted in PTSD, suicidal ideation, years of unemployment, and more. 

Considering the strides she has made and the cause she’s dedicated her life to, it seems that Lewinsky, all in all, is doing better than fine.

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