Mom Arrested After 3-Year-Old Son’s Body Was Found Decomposing In Freezer Of Detroit Home

A mom was arrested after police discovered her three-year-old son’s decomposing body stuffed inside the freezer of their home.

According to The Detroit News, police officers and members of Child Protective Services came to the home in Detroit on Friday morning to conduct a wellness check. When the 30-year-old woman answered the door, Detroit Police Chief James White claimed authorities instantly had the feeling something was wrong as she was acting strange during their interaction:

“She tried to push the officers away as if there was nothing going on. Something was not right about the conversation.”

Their suspicions sadly ended up being right when officers went inside the house and found five children living in complete squalor – and the decaying body of another young child, three-year-old Chase Allen, inside the basement freezer. Awful…

Following the horrific discovery, the mom was arrested and her other five children were taken to the hospital. White said:

“This case has shocked me, and shocked our investigators. The other kids who were in the home – just imagine what they’ve gone through. Imagine what they endured living in that home. You can imagine they’re all going to be suffering from some level of trauma. We’ll learn more in the coming hours and coming days after the kids are interviewed.”

In addition to interviewing her kids, White also noted that they are checking into whether the mom had contact with Detroit police or the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in the past. According to the young boy’s grandmother, Toni Haynes, she and other family members had called Child Protective Services “dozens of times” this year. The grandma shared to The Detroit News that she became suspicious of her daughter when she allegedly told her that Chase had burned his hand touching some noodles one day:

“I knew that was some bulls**t. I called CPS on her. A lot of us called, and they’d come out and give her kids right back to her.”

Haynes revealed that the youngster, who was blind, then wasn’t seen since March, telling Fox 2 News:

“She (the mother) couldn’t deal with it, and we all said give him to us if you can’t deal with it.”

After the state visited the mother’s house several times, Haynes claimed she told her that Chase went to live with his paternal grandfather’s girlfriend in Coldwater, Michigan. She added:

“But then (the grandfather) got out of jail and he told me Chase wasn’t living with his girlfriend.”

The family decided to go to the house two weeks ago in order to confront the mom and then call Child Protective Services again. Sadly, that is when they found Chase dead inside the freezer. Haynes expressed to the publication.

“You wouldn’t believe how pissed off I am about this.”

Investigators do not know how long the little one’s body was in the freezer or whether his siblings knew he was entombed there.

GoFundMe page was created by Haynes to cover the costs of Chase’s funeral, plus some clothes and other essentials for the surviving kids. She wrote:

“If anyone has anything other than money that they can donate to the children, we would greatly appreciate that too due to the mother being incarcerated.”

Such a horrible situation…

We are keeping the other kids and the family in our thoughts during this tough time.

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