Mika makes a double blunder while hosting Eurovision

Mika is left red faced as he makes double blunder while hosting Eurovision Song Contest… as Graham Norton leaps in to correct him

Graham Norton had to correct a slightly embarrassed Mika on Saturday evening as he made not one, but two blunders while hosting Eurovision in Turin, Italy.

The 38-year-old took to the green room to chat to some of the contestants taking part in the contest, but accidentally misintroduced two countries.

The singer approached Romania by calling them Spain – before doing the exact same thing when introducing Poland moments later, dubbing them Holland instead. 

Awkward: Mika, 38, was left slightly red faced as he made a double blunder while hosting Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday in Turin, Italy

The segment got off to a positive start, as the Grace Kelly singer made his way to the Portugal camp to chat to their performer, Maro, but began to take a downward turn when Mika moved on.

Talking to the camera, the star said ‘Over here we’ve got Spain,’ while approaching Romania’s contestant WRS.

In a leap to fix his error, Mika quickly corrected ‘Oh no it’s not Spain, we’ve got Romania’.

Saviour: Commentator Graham Norton leapt in to correct the singer during the mistakes

Not quite: While approaching Romania’s contestant WRS, Mika accidentally called them Spain

But the fix wasn’t quick enough to go over Graham’s head, who began to laugh on the voice over, stating ‘that’s not Chanel,’ who is representing Spain.

And while the error was quickly brushed over, it wasn’t long before the second of the section came – as Mika introduced the next act as Holland, despite The Netherlands having already performed earlier in the evening.

Stepping in to make a correction, Graham said ‘No it’s not, it’s Poland, Holland aren’t even in it’ with Mika looking visibly confused.

Good start: Things were going well as the singer spoke to Maro, who was representing Portugal during the evening

The presenter caught on quick, and exclaimed ‘This is Poland’ after the correction, as the camera cut to the performance.

Despite the mishap, Graham and Mika seemed to be having an enjoyable night – even grinning for a snap together earlier in the evening. 

Naming the commentator a ‘true legend’, Mika took to Twitter to share the shot, writing: ‘Look who I bumped into backstage! A true legend of @eurovision! So good to see you again @grahnort #eurovision.’

Mika certainly looked the part for the televised contest, donning a hot pink tailored suit for the extravagant event. 

It was a change from his earlier ensemble, which was a suit of a similar style in a cream colour, as he co-hosted the evening alongside Alessandro Cattelan and Laura Pausini.

Star power: He had on a long white tie which he wore undone over his shoulders as he prepared to co-host the contest with Alessandro Cattelan and Laura Pausini

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