Michelle Heaton discusses mental health battle following early menopause

Michelle Heaton made a very emotional appearance on today’s Loose Women, opening up about her ‘constant anxiety’ due to early menopause.

To mark World Menopause Day, Michelle – who is the mother to Faith, six, and Aaron, four – took to the panel to discuss the emotional toll of her experience.

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Now aged 39, Michelle found out she was going through menopause at just 38 – which is thirteen years younger than the average British age of 51.

After highlighting it to be a taboo subject, Michelle explained: ‘Nobody’s talking about it. There’s no education on something that affects every single woman in this room and every single man as well.’

After being asked what she’d like people to know about menopause, the former Liberty X singer responded: ‘One menopausal journey is not the same as the next.

‘For me it’s been irritability, sleeplessness, irregular hormone levels,’ she added.

Visibly emotional, Michelle then revealed she that she’s ‘becoming somebody that I never used to be’.

‘It really upsets me when I find myself in situations I used to be able to control,’ she explained. ‘I used to be so much more fun… I overthink too much now and I’m anxious all the time.’

Expanding on her anxiety, Michelle added: ‘I think these days people do label mental health issues too frequently without really knowing the ins and out [but] it mentally affects you 100%.’

Michelle went on to detail the remedies and resources which ease her menopausal symptoms.

‘There are really good natural food menopause tablets… I have HRT implants and I take natural food supplements.’

Viewers have been quick to share warm words of appreciation for Michelle’s candid appearance on the panel.

One user shared: ‘@wonderwomanshel OMG…seeing you cry made me cry. Always an inspiration! You are incredible! Your twitter name says it all!’

‘Thank you Michelle #LooseWomen #Menopause,’ added another.

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For more information on menopause support and the resources available, head over *here* to the NHS website.

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