Melissa McCarthy Reveals Her Husband Ben Falcone Has a Crush on Harry Styles!

Melissa McCarthy is dishing on her husband Ben Falcone‘s crush!

The 50-year-old two-time Oscar nominated actress appeared for a virtual interview on Ellen airing on Thursday (November 19).

While chatting with Ellen, Melissa revealed that her husband has a crush on Harry Styles.

“He really does. He’s fallen pretty hard for Harry Styles,” Melissa shared. “It’s not a bad choice, but sometimes I’m just waiting for him to be like, ‘If you could cut your hair a little shorter…’”

“As if me cutting my hair would make me a dead ringer for Harry Styles!” Melissa joked. “I would just look more tragic, oh god.”

If you missed it, Melissa recently apologized after facing some major fan backlash.

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