Melania Trump’s Mocked For Her Michael Jackson-Style ‘Smooth Criminal’ Suit & Twitter Loses It – Pics

Melania Trump’s fashion sense is drawing laughs on social media yet again. This time people think she drew inspiration from the late King of Pop with her cream suit and hat combo.

She’s been hit by a smooth criminal! That’s what Michael Jackson fans think of Melania Trump’s latest fashion choice, which they think is the mirror image of one of the late King of Pop’s most iconic outfits. On Oct. 6, the 48-year-old Frist Lady took a stroll in front of the pyramids in Egypt during a stop on her solo Africa tour. The former model wore cream pants, a butterscotch-colored jacket with a white shirt and black tie. She finished the look with a matching cream hat.

Well, Twitter had a field day! People were quick to compare Melania’s look to the 1930s-style gangster suit that Michael Jackson wore in the 1988 music video for his hit song, “Smooth Criminal.” Predictably, fans tweeted memes or side-by-side pics of Melania and Michael and they ranged from the hilarious to the not so nice. Drawing on a lyric from the song, one person tweeted, “Melania, are you okay?” Another person wrote, “Michael Jackson… resurrects!!!”

Other people couldn’t resist linking Melania’s Jackson-style suit to the controversy surrounding her 2016 Republican National Convention speech, when she was accused of plagiarism, because some chunks were identical to a speech Michelle Obama gave eight years earlier. “Who wore it best?” one Twitter user wrote. “It was a fashion statement when Michael Jackson wore it. Now it’s just another thing Melanie [sic] Trump plagiarized. #BeBest.” Others on Twitter compared Melania to Colonel Saunders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. One person tweeted, “She looks like the next spokesperson for KFC…”

It’s the second time in two days that Melania has been criticized for her fashion choices while on this foreign trip. On Oct. 5 she was slammed for going on a safari ride through Nairobi National Park in Kenya while wearing a colonial style hat. Responding to the criticism while talking to the press in Egypt, Melania said, according to CNN, “I want to talk about my trip and not what I wear.” She added, “I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear.” Take that Twitter trolls!

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