Melania Trump Slammed For Visiting Kenya & Wearing Hat Associated With Colonialism

Melania Trump’s Africa tour is already off to a controversial start. The FLOTUS fashioned the same hat colonizers did in the 19th century, and Twitter freaked out on Oct. 5. See the savage backlash.

Melania Trump, 48, wore the wrong hat to look at elephants. America’s First Lady kick started her solo tour through Africa on Oct. 1, and donned a pith helmet for her safari tour through Kenya’s Nairobi National Park on Oct. 5, following her visit to an orphanage earlier that day. The rounded hat is not only a stereotype of safari tours, but also a historical memento of colonialism. Although European adventure-seekers wore the helmets abroad in the 19th century, military officers from their continent soon joined in the trend as they attempted to conquer new lands in Africa and Asia. And Twitter users didn’t appreciate Melania wearing a reminder of oppression and terror.

“How ‘imperialist colonial oppressor’ can you get?!” one person tweeted on Oct. 5. Another angered Twitter user wrote, “She wore the hat because she has contempt. She is not a victim nor is she having a good trip. #colonialism.” And a woman actually from Nairobi tweeted, “That Pith helmet you have carried was used by colonialists during the dark days. Doesn’t sit well with us Africans. Who advised you?” But one user took shots at Melania’s past screw-ups, writing, “Their insensitivity knows no bounds. Melania Trump Raises Eyebrows in Africa With Another White Hat.” Yes, this isn’t the only time Melania’s “insensitivity” for her wardrobe choices has been put on blast.

President Donald Trump’s wife wore a jacket that said “I really don’t care, do u?” to visit detained migrant children in Texas on June 21. That caused an uproar, considering the Trump administration’s recent crackdown on immigration. But we learned that the snarky slogan was intended as a “rebellion” against the POTUS, not a taunt at migrants! “Melania is tired of being quiet and hiding inside the White House. She wanted to make it loud and clear that she really does not care for any of it,” a source close to Melania EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife on June 23. “For weeks leading up to the ‘I don’t care’ jacket moment, Melania has felt frustrated, angry, and tired of being complicit to her husband’s actions.”

Although Melania’s blunder was a mistake other unaware tourists have probably made, she was already off to a bad start before the trip even began! After the FLOTUS announced her tour through Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt on Sept. 26, Twitter users had the same negative reaction as today. Recall that Trump once questioned lawmakers why they should want immigrants from “sh*thole countries,” referring to Haiti, El Salvador and other areas of Africa — coming to America, the Washington Post reported on Jan. 11.

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