Melania Trump Admits Her ‘I Don’t Care’ Jacket Was A Diss Aimed At The Media, Not An Accident Like Previously Claimed

Melania Trump finally explained why she wore that ‘I Really Don’t Care Do U’ jacket, and her answer may shock you. Watch the clip from her tell-all interview here!

Turns out she really does care. First Lady Melania Trump, 48, was inevitably asked about that controversial outfit she wore while visiting the US-Mexican border, where migrants were being detained, and their children ripped from their arms. You remember it. The jacket was emblazoned with a giant white message that read, “I Really Don’t Care Do U?” Read the room, girl. During her tell-all interview with 20/20 on October 12, Melania defended her infamous sartorial choice to ABC reporter Tom Llamas,

“I often asking myself if I would not wear that jacket if I would have had so much media coverage. It’s obvious I didn’t wear the jacket for the children. I wore the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane and it was for the people and the left wing media who are criticizing me and I want to show them that I don’t care. You could criticize whatever you want to say, but it will not stop me to do what I feel is right,” she responded.

When asked why at that particular time — when she had just visited with immigrant children separated from their parents — she wore the jacket with a seemingly insensitive message, Melania claims she did it to stand up to the media criticism. “After the visit I put it back on cause I see how the media got obsessed about it,” she explained.

Melania’s spokesperson said at the time that there was “no message” to her controversial jacket. The First Lady said that wasn’t entirely the case. “It was kind of a message, yes. I would prefer they would to focus on what I do and on my initiatives than what I wear,” she said.

Melania wore the jacket to visit migrant children at a Texas detainment facility who were forcibly taken from their parents, who were trying to seek asylum in the US. The image of the first lady wearing the jacket in June absolutely haunted and enraged voters who couldn’t believe the audacity of the statement piece. The $30 Zara jacket was first seen as Melania boarded a plane at Andrews Air Force Base during 80 degree weather. It was equally hot in Texas, so many believed she was trying to make a point by wearing it.

Her husband, President Donald Trump, said the point was to actually send a message to the “Fake News Media,” because, “Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!” How’s he going to spin this on Twitter when he finds out what she said in her 20/20 interview?

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