Melania & Donald Trump Trolled For Super Awkward Hand-Holding As They Visit FL Hurricane Victims

Why is simple PDA so awkward for Melania and Donald Trump? A body language expert explains to us exclusively why their attempt at holding hands during a trip to Florida was so cringeworthy!

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump attempted to show some PDA during their trip down to Florida to visit victims of Hurricane Michael, but failed miserably. The pair are engaged in something that could be considered handholding, but the president’s fingers are barely grazing his wife’s. Neither seem too bothered by the awkward move, as they’re distracted by something else off camera. But still — it’s weird. And one body language expert happens to agree!

“It’s awkward, as he is holding on to her fingers and grabbing them,” Dr. Lillian Glass told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “She probably didn’t plan on holding hands, but he wanted to connect with her for the photo op so hence the awkward finger grab.” Fully body cringe right here. Twitter happens to agree. “@flotus #MelaniaTrump isnt HOLDING @potus @realDonaldTrump hand! #Trump has her hand in a vice grip. Sure, my hubby of 25+ yrs ALWAYS ‘holds’ my hand like that,” @HLukhard tweeted. “Gotta hand it to @FLOTUS, she sure has a lot of tolerance for her husband making her look like a fool,” wrote @AWorldOutOfMind. You can see an up-close and personal shot of the first couple “holding hands” below.

Granted, this is the most PDA we’ve seen from the first couple in recent memory so they may be out of practice. It’s no secret that Melania’s not about the PDA. There was an entire stretch at the beginning of this year during which he refused to hold her husband’s hand at all. On multiple occasions, the first lady was caught swatting her husband’s hand away when he tried to grab hers. She got pretty blatant about it after awhile, too. While on a state trip to Israel in May, she was spotted slapping Donald’s hand while they walked with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara. Bold! That’s why it was downright shocking when they fully held hands, and even looked like they loved each other, at the White House’s July 4th picnic.

The “hand holding” isn’t the most problematic part of the Trumps’ trip to Florida, shockingly. In the pic above, you can see that the president is holding an umbrella over his head and not sharing, leaving his wife unprotected in the rain! Voters on Twitter were pissed about this one, considering it’s not the first time he’s done this, either. “Trump being an unchivalrous a**hole and hogging the umbrella, per usual,” @hellofelicia14 tweeted. “Why did trump hog the umbrella, leaving Melania in the rain? Easy: water absolutely ruins the 99 cent store glue holding his weave in place….” @rhpsscott joked. “Trump standing with the massive umbrella over him while his wife gets rained on just says so much,” tweeted @judetx. Well said!

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