Mel B Accused Of Punching Male Model Twice In The Chest: Police Investigation Underway

‘America’s Got Talent’ but here’s hoping Mel B has lawyers. The ‘AGT’ judge is reportedly under investigation for allegedly smacking a model in the chest – twice!

So, does “zig-ah-zig-ah” mean minor assault? Former Spice Girl Mel B, 43, is reportedly in legal trouble over an alleged incident that took place on Oct. 13 at a hotel fashion show in Los Angles, according to TMZ. Model Dujuan Thomas filed a report with the LAPD, law enforcement sources tell TMZ, claiming Mel B struck him. Supposedly, Dujuan ran into Mel B backstage and asked to take a picture with her. She obliged, but when Dujuan didn’t like the photo and asked for another one, she allegedly hit him in the chest with her right hand.

Later that night, at the same hotel, sources tell TMZ that Dujuan ran into Mel again. When she recognized him, she allegedly hit him in the chest a second time. TMZ obtained video of Dujuan following and recording Mel in a hotel hallway, moments before the alleged second altercation. Mel B is seen walking with girlfriends. After seeing that they were being followed, Mel turns around. The video cuts out then and there. has reached out for comment on this story and will update it if we hear anything back.

Dujuan didn’t report any injuries, according to TMZ’s law enforcement sources. He also didn’t require medical attention. Despite this, the case is reportedly still under investigation, and it’ll supposedly make its way to the Los Angeles City Attorney, who will then decide if they want to prosecute the America’s Got Talent judge.

This alleged altercation comes after fans found out that Mel attempted to commit suicide in 2014 by swallowing 200 aspirin pills. “As each pill goes into my mouth, I ask myself, ’Are you sure?’ And I take another one. Ten, twenty, fifty. One hundred. ‘Are you sure?’” she wrote in her upcoming book, Brutally Honest. “Trapped in the vice of my own celebrity image. All smiles on the outside, misery and self-loathing on the inside, always telling the world how happy I was, when really all I ever wanted was to scream for help.” The thought of her daughters, Madison and Angel (and eldest daughter Phoenix, who was away at boarding school) jolted her back to reality.

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