Meghan McCain Calls Kanye West’s Behavior ‘Unhinged & Erratic’ After His Presidential Run Announcement

Meghan McCain is not holding back her thoughts on Kanye West‘s potential run for President in 2020.

The View co-host tweeted out her thoughts over the weekend after Kanye made a big splash, saying he would be running for President.

“There is no woman on planet earth, celebrity or private who could behave as unhinged and erratic as Kanye has the past few years & be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. Women are punished for raising our voices on tv, let alone saying things like ‘slavery was a choice,’” Meghan posted on Sunday (July 5). At the end of her tweet, Meghan is referring to the controversial comments Kanye made about slavery being a choice.

Find out why Kanye West would be at a big disadvantage if he actually decided to go through with running.

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