Meghan Markle’s Weed-Dealing Nephew Lands Reality Show

It’s not uncommon for Hollywood A-listers to be described as the American equivalent of royalty.

But we’re guessing that ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, the Royals have become acutely aware that the chasm of difference between Tinsel Town and Buckingham Palace is about as wide as a continent and an ocean combined.

Mind you, aside from the occasional breach in royal protocol, Meghan has been everything the Queen could have dreamed of and more.

Her family on the other hand …

At this point, we probably don’t need to tell you much about Meghan’s awful immediate family.

Suffice it to say, they suck, and they’ve repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to try and destroy her life for fun and profit.

Just as opportunistic but far less detestable, however, is Meghan’s nephew Tyler Dooley.

The son of Meghan’s idiot half-brother Thomas Markle Jr., Tyler also descended on London in order to take advantage of the media circus surrounding the royal wedding, but his intentions were more … high-minded.

Dude was just there to lend some support and promote his eponymous weed strain.

Fortunately for Tyler, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to sing the praises of “Markle Sparkle” cannabis thanks to his role on a new British reality show entitled The Royal World.

“English royals and aristocrats who will come together for one summer in the English countryside to live like the monarchs and super elite all while cameras are rolling,” reads a press release promoting the series.

Tyler introduces himself to Royal World viewers in the clip below.

“I didn’t watch the royal wedding,” Tyler admits.

“I went over there. I was in London to support my Aunt Meghan,” he continues.

“Honestly, with the controversy that’s happened with my family, all I wanted to do was just show my support.”

Tyler cautions the audience not to be sucked in by the stereotype of the lazy stoner, claiming that he works “seven days a week” on his budding business, which is called — we sh-t you not — Royally Grown.

Anyway, we might be more inclined to believe he’s a type-A go-getter if “Tyler Dooley” didn’t sound like the stoner sidekick in a ’90s high school comedy.

But who knows? Maybe Tyler will beat the odds and make us proud overseas.

He certainly can’t do any worse than the rest of Meghan’s family!

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