Meghan Markle’s Loose Coat At Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Sparks Pregnancy Speculation — Pics

Fans are going nuts over the outfit Meghan wore to Princess Eugenie’s ceremony — and not just because her coat was so cute! Many think it was covering a baby bump.

Does Meghan Markle, 37, have something to hide? Rumors have been flying about her pregnancy plans with Prince Harry, 34, ever since the two tied the knot TK months ago — and fans are frenzied all over again after Meghan wore a loose coat to Princess Eugenie‘s Oct. 12 wedding. Dressed in Givenchy, just like she was at her own ceremony, Meghan entered St. George’s Chapel through a back entrance in a navy coat that matched her pumps and fascinator. Was she shying away from tight fabrics for a reason? Only time will tell if she was hiding a baby bump, but fans have got their fingers crossed. “Meghan Markle is definitely pregnant. Her choice of outfits is giving her away,” one wrote. Another added, “Meghan Markle is either pregnant or the type to get chilly easily.”

This is far from the first time Meghan’s pregnancy has been rumored, though. Just like her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, 36, the royal can’t seem to step outside for a second without her outfit being analyzed for possible signs of a baby bump. Fans have even speculated that Meghan was expecting based on her hair — yes, you read that right! Since Kate was known to switch her hairstyle up before announcing pregnancies as a way to distract from her budding bump, many thought there was more to Meghan’s recent straightened strands than met the eye. Could her new ‘do have been a sneaky diversion tactic?

Doubtful, but who knows? And as for this Givenchy coat, Meghan simply decided to wear a loose outfit to the wedding because she was sick of strangers staring at her stomach.

She might have even chosen this outfit to make sure she didn’t upstage Eugenie, or to make sure that she wasn’t chilly in the chapel. A loose coat is definitely a far cry from a pregnancy confirmation, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled!

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