Meet ‘Julie & The Phantoms’ Star Owen Patrick Joyner with 10 Fun Facts!

Get to know Owen Patrick Joyner!

The 20-year-old actor stars as Alex in the new Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms.

Owen has previously starred in the Nickelodeon shows Knight Squad and 100 Things to Do Before High School. He also guest starred on Nick shows Henry Danger and The Thundermans.

Just Jared got to know the young actor with 10 Fun Facts, which you can check out below. In case you missed it, be sure to check out our other 10 Fun Facts features with Owen‘s co-stars/bandmates!

Julie and the Phantoms season one is now streaming on Netflix. You can check out the full soundtrack right here!

  • 1. My first language is German.
  • 2. I’m the middle sibling in between one biological sister and six step-siblings!
  • 3. I play on a DW kit with Zildjin cymbals. They make the best cymbals. No one can disagree.
  • 4. I always wanted to skydive. When I was eleven, I tried to jump off my roof with a trash bag tied to the belt loops on my pants. It didn’t work, I don’t suggest it.
  • 5. I’m a huge fan of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. They’re the artists that you blast when no one else is in the car. Seth McFarlane has incredible albums too.

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  • 6. I was born in Denver, CO. I moved right to Germany, and lived there until I was 4!
  • 7. I started doing musical theater when I was 10, and I’ve been in more than twenty musicals until I started acting on film.
  • 8. I used to show up to my baseball games in Oklahoma with makeup on my face from theater rehearsal when I was 13. It’s a good story.
  • 9. I’m passionate about everything that has to do with the environment and hope to find a movement that could use my help soon. One of the coolest company’s out there is “4OCEAN”. Check them out if you haven’t!
  • 10. I like eating incredible amounts of food around 2 AM. I could have been asleep for 4 hours, but without hesitation, wake up right around 2 AM. It’s not even a little snack, I prepare a five-course meal with a latte at the end.

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