Maura Higgins reveals adorable nickname Curtis Pritchard would call her in the Love Island villa which never aired

Love Island stunner Maura Higgins has sweetly revealed the cute nickname Curtis Pritchard would call her in the villa.

The Irish stunner, 28, opened up about her romance with the professional dancer in a candid interview – confirming he was ever the gentleman when it came to treating her well.

She told Grazia Magazine Curtis would wake up in the morning to iron her dress, and even called her something that fans never got to see.

“He’s just the cutest guy in the world. His nickname for me on the show was Button Nose but they never showed that," she gushed.

“He gets up in the morning and irons my dress for me.”

Last week, dancer Curtis revealed why he won’t put a label on his sexuality, saying “it is what it is”.

The TV star confirmed his reasons for not discussing his sexuality after being quizzed earlier that week on Good Morning Britain.

Amid fan support for the professional dancer, Curtis revealed how Maura had been supportive of him for not "putting a label on it".

Speaking to Heat, Curtis said: “I don’t feel the need to. Things change all the time, I don’t think things like that need to be labelled.

“As long as you’re happy where you are in that moment in life, be happy.”

Discussing Maura’s support for his decision, Curtis added: “Obviously we’ve spoken about it and we’re both on the same page.

“We’re more than happy with how we are in our relationship and it’s going in the correct direction.

“I can see a future with her. Who knows if we’ll have kids and get married!”

Read the full interview in the latest edition of Grazia, out today.

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